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5 Cute Virtual Date Ideas

These will help get you through quarantine or your long distance relationship.

So it’s May, and we’re still doing this quarantine thing. We know it might be tempting to just screw it and start meeting some of your matches in person, but we know you know better than that. If Parks and Recreation can do an entire reunion episode virtually, we have faith you can get through some fun dates virtually while we wait for the world to open up again. Thanks to tech, there are so many ways to make your virtual dates fun and interactive. Here are a few fun ideas to get you started that won’t leave you with a ton of dreaded dead air to fill on a standard FaceTime call.

1. Movie Night – Try Netflix Watch Party

Download the Netflix watch party Chrome extension and pick something to watch together! The extension will keep your screens in sync so you can start and pause as needed, and share your commentary in the chat (without talking over the dialogues!). Plus, if you can successfully pick something to watch together without wanting to kill each other, that’s a GREAT sign for the future of your relationship. Make sure you follow up with a FaceTime debrief afterwards so you can actually connect and talk (maybe over some vino?).

2. Dinner Date

If you’re okay with being a little extra, plan a coordinated dinner for two. Buy the same bottle of wine, and kick the night off with a “happy hour drink.” Pick a restaurant together over your glasses of wine, and get to know each other as your deliveries arrive. Make sure you set the mood with some cute lighting and a proper dining table setup. And most importantly, make sure you get ready like you would for a regular date so you look and feel like the best version of yourself!

3. Game Night For Two

While your options are a little more limited for game night with a party of two, bonding over an interactive experience can help serve as a fun ice breaker as you’re getting to know someone, especially when you can’t rely on the usual body language cues of a first date. Try Codenames Duet, Online Chess, or a simple game of 21 Questions to get to know the other person a little better.

4. Try An Interactive Class

Take a peek at some of the local listings from bars and restaurants in your neighborhood for any classes they’re offering. Many businesses are pivoting to offering online cocktail making classes or cooking classes to get by during this time, and they can ship you both everything you need for a virtual date. It’s the perfect way to share a fun experience together, while supporting a local business!

6. Try An Old-Fashioned Phone Call

Sometimes, a phone call can be the best way to really get to know someone, especially if you’re in the early stages of a new relationship. There’s an old-school intimacy to staying up all night, deep in conversation as you talk about anything and everything. No distractions, no staring at your own face on a video call worried about your angles, or about setting up the perfect background. While it may feel awkward at first, it’ll give you a great sense of whether it’s even worth it to put in the effort and waiting it out through this quarantine.

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