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5 Perks of Being Single

A lot of us dread the single relationship status –  it opens the doors to speculation, advice, and unsolicited rishtas from all the aunties and uncles around you. But, amidst all the chaos and frustration, being single definitely has its perks. 

1. You have time to figure out your passions and hobbies.

Take that class you always wanted to or perhaps enroll in that course to finally start that side hustle you always wanted. When we’re in a relationship, we often forget what we really want from life and get complacent in our current situation. By tapping into your passions, you give yourself the freedom to pursue things that set your soul on fire!


2. Understand yourself better.

Many times we’re so caught up with the idea of just settling down or finding someone that we forget what we really want from life personally and from our potential life partner. Many times couples make hasty decisions under societal or family pressures, disregarding their true emotions towards a person only to fulfill a role or to tick off their checklist of finding someone. But appreciating the time you’re single allows you to take a step back and evaluate your situation from a neutral perspective. What are your dreams and aspirations? Will your potential life partner support them? Are you guys aligned in terms of ambition? What kind of lifestyle do you want? How do you like to have fun? These are not trivial questions – they can make or break a relationship, and if you haven’t taken the time to understand what you really want, it can cause a damper on your relationship.


3. Develop strong relationships with your loved ones and appreciate all the different types of love.

Every single relationship in our life is important, not just the one we have with our significant other. If you have strong non-romantic relationships in your life, for example with your siblings, friends, parents, etc., you are bound to have a strong and healthy relationship with your SO. Our other relationships set the standard of what you expect from a bond with that special someone, how you want to be treated, appreciated, and how you love. And you never know – sometimes it also expedites the process of finding the right person.


4. Live your life according to your own terms.

When you’re single, you don’t have to think for two people. You make decisions solely on your own and for yourself. If you want to stay in and watch a movie, you stay in and watch a movie. You want to have a spontaneous wild night out with your girlfriends or boys? Guess what? You can – without anyone questioning your behavior. You get to make decisions based on your real time emotions and feelings, based on what you want and where you are in life in that moment. Now it’s not like you lose all your freedom once you’re in a relationship – it’s just that when you’re single, you can do things according to your own terms all the time!


5. Understand the meaning of self-love.

It helps you recognize how important your relationship with yourself is and how it affects the ones around you. And above all, loving yourself helps you realize that the existence of another person doesn’t need to make you feel fulfilled – that fulfillment comes from within.


Sometimes it feels like it’s drilled in our minds to be with someone, and for many reasons we should definitely look forward to finding that life companion. But there’s beauty in being single and in the dating world. So choose to focus on the good and enjoy every moment leading up to finding that right guy or girl for you. ♥


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