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He Serenaded Her with Her Favorite John Legend Songs

Okay ladies, if I told you there was a desi man who sings like John Legend out there looking for a serious relationship, would you believe me? Honestly, I wouldn’t believe me. But HE’S REAL. Bad news: Riya already found him on Dil Mil and they just got married in August 2019. But his existence helps give us hope to keep floating in that dating pool!

photo by Second to Nunn Photography

Riya was finishing up grad school when she started getting pressure from her family to find a guy and settle down. She had always been more focused on her career than her dating life and was going to start a new job in Atlanta soon, but decided to give Dil Mil a try after hearing about it from friends.

Enter Ligin – this guy had a charismatic personality, was looking for something long-term, and could sing. They Facetimed for hours every day before meeting up in Chicago about 1.5 months after they matched – they could feel that they had that instant connection and knew early on that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. In fact, on their first date itself Ligin said to Riya – “I’m looking for a girl I can spend the rest of my life with. Are you that girl?” They ended the night with Ligin playing the guitar and singing some of Riya’s favorite songs, which he continues to do to this day!

A year later after experiencing a lot of firsts together and meeting the parents, Ligin decided it was time to propose! He planned a surprise trip to Riya just a week after he’d last seen her so she wouldn’t suspect a thing, and her friends got her to dress up under the guise of a surprise birthday party for her friend. They arrived at Piedmont Park to find him standing there with a poster and a heart made out of roses. He wrote her a poem about their one year together and sang her “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, and of course she said yes!

See them recount their first encounter below – Riya was so nervous that she only flew out to see Ligin for a few hours! The couple tied the knot on August 10, 2019, the two year anniversary of when they first matched on Dil Mil.

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