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Her Bollywood Love Story Came True

Hitesh is a 6’2” Indian man who loves Bollywood music, so it’s no surprise that he caught Sonali’s eye immediately.

She was finishing up medical school, and he was finishing up his residency, so they were in similar stages of their lives and looking for something real when they connected. Living in Detroit and St. Louis at the time, the two talked for a couple of months before deciding to finally meet up in Chicago. While they were both a little nervous to meet for the first time, they had good banter and had built a strong foundation. In fact, Sonali preferred the initial long distance in the beginning because it gave them a chance to talk and really get to know each other on a deeper level.

Their first weekend together couldn’t have been more perfect – they had classic Chicago pizza for their first date, saw the bean, Navy Pier, and even went on the Ferris Wheel! It rained like a classic Bollywood movie scene as he dropped her back to the bus station on Sunday morning. She got to the doors and looked back with DDLJ on her mind, but he was too busy texting to wave goodbye. As she walked in, her phone buzzed: “You were supposed to do the romantic look back before you walk through the doors!” And she knew he was the one.

Then Hitesh had to fly to Punjab to break up Sonali’s arranged marriage and win over her father. Just kidding, that’s just the rest of the plot of DDLJ. But they did also have their own fairytale Bollywood proposal in Detroit. Hitesh surprised Sonali the weekend of her medical school graduation and planned a scavenger hunt with the help of her sister and parents. Her sister Radhika surprised her with the first clue that led her to a series of special places Hitesh and Sonali had been together. One by one, she solved his cheesy rhymes and they led her to clue 4/5 at Hart Plaza by the Detroit Riverfront. The plot twist here was – there was no fifth clue! She spun around three times and there he was, down on one knee, asking her to spend the rest of her life with him.

This summer (two years after starting dating on Dil Mil), Sonali and Hitesh tied the knot! Congrats to the newlyweds from all of team Dil Mil <3 

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