How to Date While You’re Quarantined

Here’s the 101.

Alright guys, it’s official. We’re all going to be staying home for at least another month. But just because our social lives are dead, it doesn’t mean our dating lives have to be too! In fact, our data shows that messaging has increased significantly since we’ve all been forced to quarantine. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with our guide for love in the time of coronavirus. 

Everyone is lonely, and pandemics give you perspective.

Whether you live by yourself, with a roommate, or with your family, quarantine life can feel extremely lonely. People are setting up zoom chats with friends they normally wouldn’t even talk to for months on end usually, and making more effort to stay in touch with family. Pandemics and economic recessions have a way of really putting life into perspective and showing us what really matters. People are at their most vulnerable and more open to taking chances right now than ever before.

Filter out the duds while you have the down time.

Filtering through the apps to find someone you actually connect with can be exhausting when life is moving at full speed. Take advantage of this downtime! This is the best time to figure out who can actually carry a conversation, and who needs the bells and whistles to make themselves seem interesting! Plus, if they’re not social distancing or being super lax about washing their hands, it’s a clear and easy sign to cut them from the candidate pool for your future soulmate. 

Make your virtual dates fun (thank you tech!).

Thanks to tech, there are so many ways to make your virtual dates fun and interactive. You can start off with a more typical first call or Facetime session if you’re nervous. But if you were on date 2 or 3 pre-quarantine, or want to keep getting to know someone, don’t put that on hold! Here are a few date options to explore:

  • Use the Netflix watch party extension to have a virtual movie night together!
  • Play an online game – codename duets anyone?
  • Plan and make the same cocktail together, and share a drink over a video chat.

Find your webcam angles and set the mood.

If you’ve got a date on the books, set up a cute date spot in your apartment and create an ambiance! You won’t be able to rely on a cute restaurant or bar to set the mood. Make sure you find a spot with flattering lighting and play around with camera angles. The height of your camera lens is K E Y, so use that stack of books or tupperware if you have to in order to get it just right.

Surprise them with a fun delivery!

If you’ve already been talking to someone for a while and have had a couple of successful virtual dates, step things up and surprise them! Send them a fun delivery to let them know you’re thinking about them. It doesn’t have to be a grand, expensive gesture – something small that shows that you’ve been listening and are here for them will go a long way. No matter what it is, remember to tip your delivery team well folks! It also doesn’t have to a be physical delivery – maybe they’ve been struggling with ways to workout at home, or need a new recipe to try out for dinner.

It’s never too late. While you have some extra free time at home, why not take a chance and see what’s out there?

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