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How to Get 10x More Matches with Dil Mil VIP Elite

First of all, you’re worth it. So why not make yourself stand out from all the users and increase your chances of getting more matches? After all, more matches = more chances of finding a true connection that’s meant to be. 

As a VIP Elite user, you have access to exclusive features that help elevate your experience on Dil Mil. Use them wisely, and watch your swipes turn into matches: 

1. Unlimited Likes

Unlike normal users who have 10 Likes per day, you have no limit! Don’t restrict yourself to 10 potential matches a day – swipe to your heart’s content! The more Likes you give away, the more you match – its that simple.

2. Superlikes

You’re not a regular Like, you’re a Superlike. Show someone you’re especially interested by sending them a Superlike! In addition to added interest, you will be shown to that person first over other users next time they use the app, increasing your chances of matching with them. You get 1 Superlike per day, so spending a Superlike on someone really helps you stand out over other normal users that may have liked them.

3. Instant Matches

What if you could see people who are interested in you and cut to the chase? With instant matches,  you can see people who have already Liked you! If you like them, you can swipe right and it’ll be an instant match. No waiting around – get to chatting and see where it goes! Don’t know what to say? Here are some conversation starters that actually work.

4. Boost

Skip the line and be seen first! When you Boost, your profile can be seen 10x+ compared to a regular user. Boosting can help you be seen by those who might’ve never made it to your profile at all. When Boosting, your profile is not labeled in any way, so no one even knows you used Boost to be promoted. Boosting makes you more likely to get swiped right on (more often), resulting in more matches for you!

5. Requests

Come across someone amazing? This is your chance to stand out from the crowd by sending them a message BEFORE you match with them! This way, they not only see your profile, but also a personalized message, allowing them to get to know you a little bit more. You get 1 Request per day, so sending one shows the person you put in some extra effort for them. PRO TIP: use a Superlike and a Request to really get someone’s attention.

6. Swipe Around the World

Want to see users closer to a specific location? Search by city or drop a pin on the map and you can begin swiping, matching, and chatting with Dil Mil users in a destination of your choice. You can change your location as many times as you’d like. Navigate between your current location and new locales you may be interested in! If you ever wanted to be like Pitbull aka Mr. Worldwide, now’s your chance.

7. Advanced Filters

We get it – community, career, education, and where someone was raised are all important qualities when looking for your perfect match. You can set your preferences with these advanced filters in VIP Elite, hopefully resulting in more quality matches for you (and your mom).

8. See Mutual Friends

Getting vetted through friends is one of the best ways to connect with someone – plus, you already have something to talk about when you match! You can see if you have any mutual friends with a potential match with VIP Elite.

9. Rewind

Life is all about second chances. Accidentally passed on someone cute? Undo your last decision and go back to a person’s profile to see it again – who knows, they could be someone you really connect with!

10. Reset Dislikes

Run out of people within your filters? You have two options: either expand your filters OR reset your dislikes. Doing this will show you all of the people you initially swiped left on again – who knows, someone might catch your eye this time? 😉

11. Read Receipts

Know when your messages have been read with read receipts.  Once you activate Read Receipts in a conversation, you’ll be able to see if (and when) that match has read your messages. Use Read Receipts to stay in the know about who’s not yet read that original pickup line, or who needs a little more time to craft the perfect response. Don’t worry – matches won’t know that you’ve turned on Read Receipts. 

12. Dil Details!

Our latest addition – use Dil Details to get to know someone better before you connect with them. Plus, you can see your own Dil Details too! Dil Details are unique facts about someone’s Dil Mil profile. You can learn more about another person’s personality and what they’re looking for as well as some behavioral insights on Dil Mil (when they were last active, how often they respond to matches, etc.). On your own profile, you can see things like which zodiac sign swipes right on you the most, your most common personality traits with your matches, and how popular you are on Dil Mil. 

VIP Elite users often see an increase of 10x or more matches compared to our regular users and often end up finding meaningful connections. In fact, many of our success stories have reported that they were VIP Elite users! We already know you’re a catch, so why not invest in yourself and find someone you genuinely connect with?

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