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When You Love Her More than Peanut Butter – George & Anjali

When Anjali first made her Dil Mil profile, she had high hopes and was actively looking for her lifetime partner. However, after some disappointing conversations and dates, she gave up and deleted the app from her phone.

A few months later, one of her friends convinced her to give it another chance, and Anjali took the chance. Lo & behold, she soon matched with George (who is now her incredibly sweet fiance) and actually made the first move. Much to Anjali’s dismay, George didn’t respond, even after 2 days. At that point, she decided that she had nothing to lose and so she messaged George once again. This time, they couldn’t stop talking and George asked for her number within the first couple days of talking. Throughout the next several months, many texts, phone calls, and Skype dates were exchanged before Anjali and George finally met for the first time.

Their date wasn’t exactly a typical first date, but it was a fun one nonetheless. George needed to find a suit for a wedding coming up, so they decided to meet at a mall in New Jersey (halfway between NY, where Anjali is from & Pennsylvania, where George is from). Their chemistry in person was as real as it had been online, and they kept talking throughout the night. After about 6 months of dating, both of them had a pretty clear idea that they were the one for each other. While George is a bit more outgoing, Anjali is genuine & calm. They complement each other in the best way, and she loves that he challenges her to be the best version of herself.

With everything aligning, it was only a matter of time before George decided to propose. Even though she claims that she had basically planned her own proposal (lol), he took her completely by surprise and proposed to her at a gym. Crazy right? But it gets better: George works as a trainer for kids at a Ninja Warrior gym, and so he told Anjali that he had to fix his schedule with his manager before they went to dinner. While they were at the gym, a boy fell from a prop nearby and pretended to sprain his ankle (totally staged). Anjali being a nurse, she was immediately distracted and went to go look for an ice pack for the wound. When she came back into the gym, there were flower petals and candles on the ground, and George appeared and proposed to her in a peanut butter jar. Yes, you read that right. They always had a running joke about how much George loves peanut butter, but that day he got down on one knee and told Anjali that he loved her more and asked her to marry her, and of course she said yes!

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