#OneinaDilMillion: Elvis Joseph

Elvis is a resident physician, and the way to his dil is good food and frequent laughs! 😍 #OneinaDilMillion #DilMilElitePicks

What’s your idea of a fun date?⠀
Someplace simple but preferably unusual. Good conversation and a strong connection. 🧡⠀

What’s one of your favorite pickup lines?
Oh you like my name? You should hear my phone number… 😏⠀

What do you look for in a perfect match?
Cute. Funny. Honest. Someone who can pretend to laugh at my lame jokes. 💜⠀

Elvis loves eating shwarmas, bhangra, running, reading, drinking tea, and doing yoga his spare time (but he’s not quite bendy yet). 🧘🏽‍♂️☕️🕺🏽

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