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The Best Lijo of Them All

Believe it or not, throughout Lindsy’s Dil Mil experience, she matched with quite a few Lijos. But there was one in particular — “Lijo Philadelphia,” as she had saved him in her phone — who was different. Although their conversations started off as generic “get to know one another” exchanges on the app, they were always consistent and authentic. Out of all the other guys (and all the other Lijos) that Lindsy had matched with, this Lijo definitely stood out to her as the most genuine and sincere. 

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In 2016, while Lijo was in Philly and Lindsy was in New York, they spoke nonstop for 1.5 months before deciding to meet each other in person. Lindsy worked at the World Trade Center in NYC, so they decided to meet at a bar close by (The Maze) for the first time. When Lijo arrived, he was already breaking out in a sweat, not because he was nervous, but because Lindsy insisted he not take an Uber from Penn Station to the bar that was 2 blocks away and just walk in the 90°+ summer heat. They joked about this as they started with drinks to ease their first date jitters, then headed to dinner once they started warming up to each other. At this point, the conversation flowed so smoothly that Lijo mustered up the courage to turn to Lindsy before the date even ended to ask, “so, when am I going to see you again?” 

They ended up seeing each other again on a regular basis shortly after their first date, and they took turns traveling between Philadelphia and New York. As they got to know each other’s friends and family better,  one thing led to another, and soon, they both knew that they were definitely each other’s “lobster” (by the way, Lijo and Lindsy are HUGE Friends fans). In May 2018, Lijo proposed to Lindsy at John F. Collins Park in Philly, and it couldn’t have been sweeter than what it was. 

Leading up to the proposal, Lindsy kind of had an inkling that it was going to happen, but she definitely didn’t expect it to happen the way it did. Leena, Lijo’s cousin, had told Lindsy that they were going out to dinner for Lijo’s birthday party, and told her to dress up because it was at a fancy restaurant. It was raining that day and Lindsy really just wanted to throw on a pair of jeans, but after everyone kept insisting that she dress up, Lindsy kind of knew that something was going on. Plus, she had tried to sign into Lijo’s Amazon account a few days prior to the “birthday dinner” to order something, and she noticed a past order containing champagne glasses, candles, and more, just before Lijo locked her out of his Amazon account!

Fast forward to the day of the proposal: Lindsy managed to dress up and make it to Philly for the “birthday dinner.” Lijo was standing there wearing a blazer under an umbrella. He then took her hand and led her to the park entrance, where there were 3 stations set up. The first station was about all the firsts: their first date, first kiss, first trip together, etc. The second station contained all the memories of their time together as a couple, and the final station was for memories that haven’t been made yet — their first picture as a married couple, first minivan, first home, kids, etc. Lijo got down on one knee, and of course Lindsy said yes!

They tied the knot on August 31, 2019 and have been married for almost a year now! We are so happy that they have so many more to come. Congratulations, Lijo & Lindsy! #OnceUponaDilMil

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