Here’s the truth: life is not 100% amazing all of the time.

We all struggle. We’ve got good days and bad days and days that are just in between. It’s just a part of being human. However, it can be very tough when we’re having a bad day and we need to take care of ourselves, not just on those days, but every day.

You’ve probably seen the self-care Instagram stories with people taking bubble baths or going on an expensive vacation, but that’s not the ONLY way to take care of yourself. Here are a few ways you can take care of yourself on a day to day basis to make sure you’re constantly putting yourself first.

1. Daily Check In

We’re social creatures. Most of us enjoy being around people or we’re stuck with it. You’re at work, with your family, with your friends. It’s really important to take time to be alone with yourself.

Take a moment or more every day to do a daily check in with yourself. Really think about how you’re feeling. If you’re up to it, write it down in a journal! It’s great to have things written down so you can track your feelings and notice patterns if you ever do start to struggle.

2. Hobbies

All work and no play is no fun. Find something that puts a smile on your face and add it in to your everyday life. It could be reading a book, playing guitar or painting! Anything that lets you unwind and let go for a bit. For myself, it was dancing and I’m looking to join an improv group soon!

3. Time Management

Self-care isn’t just taking care of yourself today, but also looking out for future you. Keep a calendar and write down your commitments so you remember them. Schedule out some of your life so you’re not stressed when big projects or events come up! Your future you will thank you.

4. Be good to your body

This one is simple. Make sure you get enough sleep. Eat three meals a day. Get some movement into your life, whether it be going to the gym or even a short walk to get you moving.

5. Put Yourself First

We’ve got a lot going on, but it’s okay to not do every single thing that’s out there. Take time to yourself when you need. That friend will still be there. That assignment will eventually get done. Take breaks to focus on you.

Self-care is different for everyone. What works for me won’t necessarily work for you. You need to test the waters and find out what your self-care is and commit to it every day!


About the Author: Jessie Brar is a Queen’s University graduate with a degree in Psychology. After struggling with her own mental health for many years, Jessie began pursuing opportunities as a mental health advocate in the hopes of bring the mental health conversation to the forefront. In 2016, Jessie created The Mental Health Spotlight (@TheMHSpotlight), a project dedicated to raising awareness about South Asian mental health through digital storytelling and sharing of resources. Through this project, Jessie has brought together advocates from around the world, showing that this is a topic that we do not have to be ashamed of.

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