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Their First Date was a Cruise to Cuba, and Their Quarantine Wedding was in Scotland

And yes, Sandeep wore a kilt (and totally pulled it off).

Most people grab a quick coffee or meet for dinner when they’re meeting for the first time – Sandeep and Piriyah went on a week-long cruise to Cuba for their first date, and met his parents on the second! But then again, nothing about their relationship has been ordinary right from the start.

Sandeep was traveling from India back home to America, and was at a layover at Heathrow for half an hour when he decided to open up Dil Mil for a few minutes. Piriyah is from the UK and had filtered out meeting anyone outside the UK in her settings. Thanks to fate and the wonders of GPS technology, the two happened to match in this small window. They didn’t speak until a month later when Sandeep was back home in Missouri, but that one moment changed their lives forever. 

At first Piriyah was reluctant to get to know someone from outside the UK, but she knew there was something different about him from the first moment they talked, and eventually followed her heart. They spoke for two months every day on the phone and on FaceTime – Sandeep even made Piriyah take a love language test, and they found out that they had very similar ways of expressing and communicating love (pro-tip for testing compatibility and understanding each others’ communication styles).

They eventually decided to take the next step to meet IRL, and discovered that Miami was conveniently a fun halfway point for them! By the end of that week-long cruise to Cuba, they knew they’d found everything they’d been looking for in a life partner. 

Since that first trip, they’ve travelled to seven countries together including Malaysia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Cuba and Singapore! This one year has changed their lives forever and they recently got married in Scotland! Due to the worldwide pandemic, they had a small wedding, but a beautiful one nonetheless. And yes, Sandeep did indeed wear a kilt.

For more details on their adorable love story, check out our #DiltoDil video features with them below and their feature on BBC UK!

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