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These Two Are Complete Opposites, Yet Still a Perfect Match for Each Other

Everyone talks about living a life full of adventures, but not everyone is lucky enough to meet the right person who turns your whole life into one big adventure. Namrata and Darshan are two such lucky ducks; they’re as opposite as they come, but they push each other to the edge of their comfort zones in a way that creates perfect balance. 

Namrata and Darshan matched on Dil Mil in 2017 with open minds but no expectations. Namrata had already tried dating someone out-of-state, and that hadn’t gone too well. But Darshan was consistent and cared to ask the hard questions in order to get to know her properly, so she decided to give it a shot. Shortly after they matched, Namrata went away for a weekend trip with her friends where she had no cell phone service (and Darshan had no idea). They went three agonizing days without talking to each other, and Darshan thought Namrata might have ghosted him. Just as he was ready to get back to swiping, she got back from her trip and messaged him! That’s when they realized that this match was something special. After 4 months of talking and getting to know each other over Facetime dates and messages every day, he finally flew down to Chicago to meet her and they made it official.

They celebrated their first dating anniversary in Lincoln Park, so when it came time to plan the proposal, Darshan knew this would be the perfect special spot. He got one of Namrata’s girlfriends to plan a whole fake work ‘gala’ across from the Lincoln Park Zoo as his cover. Namrata’s friends were supposed to bring her to the event by 3 PM, but as with all things in her life, she was late by an hour and half yet again. Poor, patient Darshan stood out in the 20 degree weather with the photographer for almost 2 hours, but the wait was worth it.

On the way to the gala, they stopped to get some good pictures. As Namrata went up to take her solo picture, she immediately heard footsteps behind her. A tap on the shoulder and she turned around to find Darshan standing in front of her! In pure Gujarati, he simply said ‘I need to ask you something’ and got down on one knee and asked to spend forever together. The proposal was followed by a surprise dinner, where they walked into a restaurant full of all their closest friends and family from across the country to celebrate their engagement.

The happy couple tied the knot last August and can’t wait to celebrate their first anniversary later this year! Their story just goes to show that you never know where life is going to take you – even if you’re complete opposites in personalities or think one of you might have ghosted the other, it can still work out. ♥

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