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They Lived 15 Min Apart & Didn’t Even Know They Were Each Other’s Lobsters

Ankit and Tanvi are both huge fans of the show Friends, and it’s no wonder their friends jokingly refer to them as each other’s lobsters. They grew up 15 minutes apart from each other, went to the same college, AND lived in the same city for grad school, but never crossed paths until they matched on Dil Mil! They’re clearly meant to be, and it was just a matter of time until the stars aligned and brought them together!

Ankit and Tanvi decided to meet up in person after about a month of talking at a brunch place near her childhood home. They immediately connected from their first date and ended up talking for hours until the brunch place closed. They talked about everything from their families and friends, to old memories, life goals, and even some pretty personal details they didn’t think would come up so soon. They learned that they both had very similar values and were very family oriented. Ankit and Tanvi love getting coffee and tea, exploring new bars/restaurants, cooking, experiencing new activities, traveling, and spending time with friends and family together.

Before the pandemic hit, Ankit had a whole plan ready to go, and was going to propose in San Diego. While that obviously didn’t work out, it went even more beautifully than he could have imagined. Ankit told Tanvi that he wanted to host a small get together over Memorial Day with their families to celebrate Mother’s Day and his mom’s birthday. Tanvi drove home from Detroit to meet them without any suspicions about what was about to happen. With the help of their families and sisters, Ankit set up a backdrop in their backyard along with a mimosa bar to celebrate with Tanvi’s favorite champagne. He also made a scrapbook of their story, and had a small drive-by celebration for their close friends and family, who came through with music and posters!

The happy couple is getting ready to tie the knot later this year in July, and we’re so glad we could play a part in this beautiful love story. #OnceUponADilMil

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