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They Matched, and He Offered to Be Her Wingman

And then he wingmaned his way into her heart... 🙈

New dating tip for you: next time you match with someone on Dil Mil, offer to be their wingman instead of trying to date them right off the bat. Sounds unusual, we know, but that’s exactly what worked for Shivam when he matched with Visha! They exchanged numbers, started talking on the phone, and really hit it off as friends.

Visha knew she really liked him from these initial conversations, but didn’t think it would turn into anything. They matched right before Visha was leaving for a two month trip, so she wasn’t expecting Shivam to stick around and wait for her while she was gone. But instead of disappearing, Shivam surprised her by messaging her on Facebook, and staying in touch the entire time she was traveling!

When she got back, they decided to meet IRL and Shivam flew from Chicago to Dallas to meet her. They were both a little nervous and shy for their first weekend together – they spent their time together getting to know each other better and opening up to one another, and everything fell into place perfectly by day two! They made it official and prioritized seeing each other at least once a month to make the long distance work.

When they first met, Visha loved to travel and Shivam wasn’t a big fan. Over the next couple of years Visha’s love for travel rubbed off on Shivam and they ended up taking several international trips together, including a trip to Bali where they volunteered together.

Shivam proposed at the end of July 2019 on the same weekend they met for the first time three years ago. He made her a travel booklet of everywhere they’d been together – inside it was an empty picture slot for the Bahamas, which is where he proposed. They’re all set to tie the knot this summer, and we’re so happy that #ShivsVishCameTrue! #OnceUponADilMil

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