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They Matched Twice, but She Still Had Her Doubts

We know online dating can be a daunting process. You hear about more and more people finding their soulmates through dating apps, but it doesn’t make it any easier when it’s your turn to put yourself out there. Mable was facing this same internal battle when she joined Dil Mil – she was on and off the app and was looking for something serious, but was weary about anything coming from this. 

It was during this trial and error period that she matched with Sam – it actually took them matching twice on the app for things to finally click, but they quickly realized they had the same sense of humor and sarcastic wit! They decided pretty quickly that they wanted to meet in person, and scheduled a visit in Dallas the next month. They talked on the phone throughout that month, and by the time they met they already felt like they were in a relationship. Mable was nervous and had flown in for just 24 hours to meet Sam, but he easily broke the ice and also brought her chocolate chip cookies for their first date (fellas take note – chocolate is always a good idea).

photo by Biyani Photography

When it was time for the proposal, Sam enlisted the ultimate wingman – Mable’s dad. Under the guise of a birthday dinner for her dad, Mable’s family convinced her to get dressed up for a nice evening out. They almost got away with the master plan, except for one big giveaway – Mable’s mom put a cross on her head and said “good luck” to her before they headed out for dinner (it’s okay Mable’s mom, we’d be excited too)! Once they arrived, Sam whisked Mable out of the car and took her to her favorite park in Hoboken. In the middle of the park were roses and an album of all their shared moments together, followed by a party at Mable’s house with family and friends! 

photo by Biyani Photography

We’re so happy Sam and Mable took a chance on love, and that we could play a small part in creating their beautiful happily ever after. #OnceUponaDilMil

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