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This Proposal Will Have You Crying & Laughing at the Same Time

Shruti and Amol are a Dil Mil couple that proves that sometimes, the second time’s the charm.

Amol first messaged Shruti when they initially matched with what he felt was a thoughtful and witty conversation starter, but never heard back. Almost a year later, something made him try just one more time, and luckily for him, Shruti responded this time! Sometimes life can get in the way, and you just need the timing to be right on both sides for things to play out.

Shruti was preparing for the bar exam when they finally connected. They were in different cities, so they spent some time getting to know each other and talked everyday for three months. Right after her bar exam, Amol called Shruti to tell her that he’d booked a trip to Chicago to see her! They really hit it off when they met for the first time (they stayed up until 6:30am talking!) and by the end of the weekend, they decided to make it official. Shruti says she is very grateful they built such a great foundation and friendship before meeting, because it felt like she was meeting up with her best friend after a long time.

After dating long distance for a little over two years, the two planned a vacation to Sedona, Arizona. Little did Shruti know that Amol had been actively coordinating this trip with her parents for a few months now. Amol had planned out a brunch at a restaurant inside Enchantment Resort (located right in the heart of the red rocks). After brunch, Amol proposed a small hike and helped Shruti climb a hill step by step, even carrying her heels for her (a true gentleman). When they reached the top, Shruti could not wipe the smile of her face. There waiting for her was a blanket, a bottle of champagne, and a photographer! Shruti cried through the proposal, and the ring only fit her pinky finger which caused them both to burst out in laughter, but the moment was absolutely perfect and they wouldn’t change a thing.

This adorable couple just got married in November, and we’re so happy to have been able to be a small part of their beautiful journey! #OnceUponaDilMil

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