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Timing is Everything: They Matched, Didn’t Click, and then Matched Again 3 Years Later

And they were in the same city the whole time!

Alright friends, we have a rare Dil Mil success story for you today: two people that fell in love with someone in the same city as them! And that too in Dil Mil’s own stomping grounds: the Bay Area.

Harsh was swiping through Dil Mil in 2016 when a local Punjabi girl wearing a cute pink dress caught his eye. Simi and Harsh matched then and talked for a few months, but Simi wasn’t ready for anything serious at the time. Things fizzled out and she actually ended up ghosting him, but fate had other plans for them. Cue to three years later when Simi decided it was finally time to get serious. She got back on the app, and they matched again! Harsh quickly realized it was the same girl he’d connected with years ago, and knew he wasn’t going to miss out on the chance to meet her in person this time around. They clicked again instantly and after texting back-and-forth for a while, finally decided to go on their first date!

They met at a gorgeous waterside restaurant, and ended up talking for six hours straight! They switched it up for their second date by going to Barry’s Bootcamp together, and four total dates later they knew this was the real deal. Things moved quickly and two months into dating, they met each other’s families — the first time Harsh met Simi’s mom was the same day he asked for her hand in marriage. The family introductions went over flawlessly, and they had their official roka four months into dating.

After both having gone through the good, bad, and ugly in the dating world, Harsh and Simi are more appreciative of having found each other, and that they were on the same page despite things moving quickly. Their favorite thing about their short courtship? That they’re still learning new things about each other everyday, which keeps things exciting! Harsh calls Simi his “best last first date.” They’re now in the process of planning their dream wedding, and we couldn’t be happier for the couple! #OnceUponADilMil


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