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Why You Need Sangtar’s Pre-Date Workout Routine in Your Life

Not only does it get you hype, but it prepares you to feel your best before a first date. Let’s face it: Going to the gym to work out was a privilege that most of us took for granted. As a result of the new coronavirus pandemic, everyone is required to practice social distancing, which means that most people will have to skip out on their usual routines and opt for at-home workouts. For those who lift heavy or hit new records during their last gym visits, trust us, we totally feel your pain. But when you go back, you might want to start slow before you fill that rack with tons of weights.

This is the Superhero Sangtar workout. Believe it or not, itโ€™s actually pretty easy: just start with a few thousand jumping jacks and end in millions/billions of push-ups (you can even do them on your knees!).

…okay we’re joking.

But in all seriousness, Sangtar’s giving us some solid tips as he prepares for a date and what he’s looking for in his ideal match. He’s a comedian/actor based out of Toronto, and he’s popularly known for his comedic videos portraying relatable South Asian household scenarios and more. He’s coming to us #StraightfromtheDil, and he definitely made us laugh along the way.

If you’re out there wondering if Sangtar might be your perfect match, just keep these things in mind:

  1. Must appreciate dark humor.
  2. Can’t be clingy.
  3. Must laugh at all of Sangtar’s jokes.

Good luck and put yourself out there!

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