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You Know It’s True Love When You & Bae Agree Pizza is Bae – Chandni & Harsh

“Hey Dil Mil! So my fiance (Harsh) and I met on DilMil! He lives in Chicago, and I live in Indianapolis. My best friend had downloaded the app on my phone for fun and jokingly said, “What if you meet ‘THE ONE’ on here?!” I, of course, did not see that happening at all and laughed it off. A day after downloading it, Harsh and I matched and started talking. We realized we were both going to be at an Arijit Singh concert a few weeks later in Chicago in October 2015, so we decided to meet there. When we met, we immediately felt at home with each other, so we made it official a week later. He became my best friend, fought through the distance, and were there with each other through our hardest times in the past couple years.

This year, he surprised me with a trip to Clearwater, FL where he proposed on the beach at sunset. We’re getting married August 2018! I’ve always been a Bollywood cheesy love story fanatic & now I have mine! Thank you so much DilMil for making the impossible happen!!” – Chandni


Although Chandni decided to make her Dil Mil profile a few years ago, she wasn’t exactly prioritizing dating at the time. She wanted to focus more on her career, but Harsh came into her life before she knew it. Harsh on the other hand was looking around a bit, and he mentioned that it had become increasingly more difficult to meet people after college. But you know what they say — it’ll happen when you least expect it.

When Harsh & Chandni initially matched, Chandni had a feeling right from the beginning that there was something different about him. He was more mature than the other guys she had talked to, and they soon realized that family and friends were very strong values for both of them. The craziest thing is that they discovered that they actually went to the same Russell Peters show a few years before they met, but of course they had no idea at the time and never connected. After matching on Dil Mil however, both of them felt an instant connection.

After meeting up at the Arijit Singh concert in Chicago for the first time, both of them knew that there was something real here. One month later, the two were officially dating. Although they were still long distance (she’s from Indianapolis while he was from Chicago), they made time to see each other on a regular basis and explore the best hole-in-the-wall spots in town. Pizza and Mexican food basically became a tradition every time they hung out.

About 2 years later, Chandni & Harsh were still going strong, so naturally it was time to step into the next chapter of their lives together. Harsh took Chandni on an impromptu getaway to Clearwater beach (much to her surprise) and proposed to her on the beach during sunset. Poor guy got so nervous in the moment that he didn’t 100% know what to say, but Chandni was so overwhelmed when this was happening that she doesn’t remember what he said either. 😂 What they both remember for sure though is that she definitely said yes! Chandni & Harsh just got married this past August 2018, and we might be just as excited as they are for them to spend the rest of their lives together. <3

Congratulations, Chandni & Harsh!


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